Green Dot Norway has been working together with several of Norway’s largest manufacturers and suppliers such as Orkla, TINE, Unil (Norgesgruppen), Bama, Fjordland, Nortura, Mills, and Jotun after the initiation of the project “Design for Recycling”. The goal is to modify the design of plastic packaging in order to make it more recyclable.

Client: Green Dot Norway
Implementation: 2017
Consultants: Rebecca Briedis, Peter Sundt og Frode Syversen

To increase the level of material recycling, producers and suppliers have selected some of the most important products in Norwegian households, and investigated how design and material alterations can increase the products recyclability – without a disintegration of the product or its packaging.

Will increase recycling

One of the challenges regarding plastic packaging today, is that sorting plants can’t separate the increasing amounts of black-coloured plastic from other products. The reflectivity of black plastic is nonexistent making it invisible to the sorting machines. Another challenge is sleeves and labels made of a different material than the plastic packaging product itself. If the plastic packaging is sorted into the wrong fraction, the sleeve or label could contaminate that fraction, or it could end up in the waste fraction sent to combustion, preventing the plastic from becoming a future resource.

The aim of this project has been to find solutions to these problems. In addition, the project is also investigating how producers can use increased amounts of recycled material in their new products.

Together with employees from TOMRA, Mepex assisted in the implementation of the test.

Unique collaboration

Many of the producers discovered challenges with their plastic packaging after tests were conducted at the ROAF sorting plant outside Oslo. With these results as the foundation, the producers altered their packaging products and created new prototypes that were tested at TOMRAS test facility in Koblenz, Germany.

The project is unique, both in terms of collaboration between producers and suppliers, but also because the project has proved that increased rates of recycling can be achieved.

Mepex has been collaborating with Green Dot Norway on the management of this project.