Our services

With a strong background in waste management and recycling, Mepex offers a vast array of services.

We embark on national and international projects and collaborate with government authorities, municipalities, organisations, and commercial enterprises.


A good foundation of knowledge and understanding is important for every project. Mepex has vast experience, extensive knowledge and practical tools for carrying out various types of analyses.

  • Residual waste analyses
  • Food waste analyses
  • Environmental surveys
  • Material flows
  • Waste statistics
  • Surveys
  • Market analyses
  • Environmental impacts
  • Environmental accounting
  • Economic analyses

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Strategies and measures

Pertinent measures that balance environmental considerations and cost-effectiveness, are becoming increasingly important. Mepex carries out preparation and planning work for both commercial enterprises and municipalities that set new targets and have an urgency to improve existing solutions. We also conduct assessments in relation to changes in national regulations.

  • Waste management plans and strategies
  • Business development
  • Impact assessments
  • Action plans
  • Communication and dissemination
  • Scenarios and projections

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New circular concepts

Mepex assists businesses that are attracted to circular concepts and achieving green growth. In the circular economy, the ultimate goal is to keep resources in circulation, through re-use, reparation, upgrading and material recycling.

  • Food waste
  • Design for recycling
  • Solutions for re-use
  • Traceability and inspections of the value chain
  • Producer responsibility
  • Deposit and return systems
  • Process and innovation management
  • Courses, lectures and field trips
  • Research communication
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

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Mepex facilitates and ensures the implementation of sustainable and circular recycling schemes. Comprehensive and cost-effective systems that ensure a high degree of material recycling and a resource efficient exploitation of waste, are at the centre of our operations.

For 30 years, Mepex has worked on the construction og many waste-to-energy plants, both nationally and internationally. Technical developments within such plants are a sentral part of our business.

Due to our lengthy experience within this sector, we can offer project management and coordination in all fases of the development and building process, and in coordinating systematic maintenance plans. We also undertake projects where we represent our clients in parts, or all, of the procurement and construction process.

  • Recycling systems
  • Sorting plant for residual waste, plastics, metals and bottom ash
  • Facilities for the material recycling of plastics
  • Facilities for the treatment of hazardous waste
  • Combustion and gas purification plants
  • Carbon capture and storage
  • Inspections and maintenance
  • Biogas plants
  • Procurement and contracts
  • Reporting, quality controls, and audits

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