Sorting and recycling facilities

To unlock the full potential of our waste and achieve EU sustainability targets, we have to intensify efforts to expand sorting capacity, optimize operations, and reduce CO2 emissions.

If your business is planning to implement measures in these areas, we can assist you.

Whether you are planning to construct a new sorting facility or expand the capacity of existing facilities, our experienced consultants can guide you from start to finish. Mepex has previously led projects for establishing some of the largest sorting facilities in the Nordic region. Our dedicated team conducts thorough feasibility studies, develops technical specifications in the design and planning phase, and manages the tender process. Once a contract with the facility supplier is in place, we oversee the supplier throughout the process, from the construction phase to the handover of the facility and project completion.

Furthermore, Mepex has significant expertise in planning, developing, and optimizing incineration plants. Whether upgrading existing facilities or planning new ones, we are ready to support your business—from concept to implementation and project completion.

Interested in learning more about sorting and recycling facilities?

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Svein Espen Sørstad
Svein Espen Sørstad Team lead – Sorting and recycling facilities +47 913 46 134 |