Circular Solutions

Through reuse, repair, upgrading, and material recycling, we can limit the extraction of new materials and keep resources in the cycle for as long as possible.

We assist you in identifying improvement opportunities, developing strategies, and finding actions that make your business more circular.

Do you need a plan on how your municipality can recycle more household waste materials? Are you looking to enhance reuse activities at the recycling station?

Together, we set specific goals for the work based on facts and analysis of your business. With a clear direction, we turn strategies into concrete plans and actions.

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Kathrine Kirkevaag
Kathrine Kirkevaag Team lead – Circular solutions +47 901 54 786 |

What we do:

  • Green procurement
  • Waste plans
  • Waste management
  • Reuse solutions
  • Design for recycling
  • Littering
  • Investigations and white papers