Plastic Recycling in Construction: A Circular Perspective

Commissioned by the NHP Network and the Handelens Miljøfond, Mepex and Multiconsult have delved into the realm of plastics in construction. The focus has been on mapping the quantities and types of plastic, exploring opportunities for reuse and recycling, and considering possibilities for replacing plastic with more environmentally friendly building materials in the short and long term. 

The three work packages in the project cover:

1. Mapping of product groups, types of plastics, and additives, including an estimation of the quantities of plastic introduced to the market in Norway.

2. Survey and description of sorting and return systems in Europe, with an overview of stakeholders, legal frameworks, and financial instruments.

3. Exploration of alternatives to replace plastic products, accompanied by a simple environmental assessment of these alternatives.

Period: 2022 – 2023 Team:
Espen Mikkelborg, Jarle Marthinsen

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