Optimization of Metal Sorting

Analysis and improvement of the sorting efficiency of metals at residual waste sorting facilities.

Norsk Metallgjenvinning aims to enhance the data foundation for the actual sorting rate of magnetic and non-magnetic metal packaging at sorting facilities, comparing it against guaranteed figures and requirements. Additionally, the project will explore potential measures to increase sorting.

Mepex will conduct analyses and evaluations at one facility, focusing on processes, optimization of detection/sorting, and operational procedures. The objective is to make the results from this facility available to existing and upcoming facilities.

The project will include an examination of the proportion and possibilities for sorting batteries, both as a resource for recycling and due to the risk of fire.

Period: 2023 Team:
Ida Sole Semb, Kjell Fredriksen, Kristian Kruse, Paul Guldstrand, Petter Thorbeck, Svein Espen Sørstad, Thomas Chr. Juel

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