Waste Management Master Plan for Asker Municipality 

Mepex has assisted Asker Municipality in developing a new waste management master plan covering the period 2016–2023. The plan incorporates new strategies for the circular economy and will provide guidance for Asker’s efforts towards the Green Shift and reduced emissions from waste management. 

The plan includes several measures to achieve its goals, such as the establishment of weight registration and weight-based fees. Furthermore, the plan recommends the introduction of mobile recycling stations and an expanded collection system for garden waste, textiles, and bulky waste. There is also an emphasis on collaboration between Asker and local businesses to increase source sorting of commercial waste. 

We designed a process with significant input from environmental and waste management experts within Asker Municipality. User surveys, workshops, and discussions in focus groups involving both residents and representatives from local businesses were conducted as part of the process. 

The plan aims to reduce food waste by 30% and increase material recycling to 60% by 2025.
Period: 2015 – 2016 Team:
Frode Syversen, Jarle Marthinsen, Olav Skogesal

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