Plastic Smart Hospitals

Significant potential to reduce and sort more single-use plastic from hospitals

Mepex has identified that approximately 20,000 tons of plastic from Norwegian hospitals are sent for incineration each year. In the Plastic Smart Hospitals project, Mepex had the opportunity to delve into Oslo University Hospital (OUS) to understand the types of plastic the hospital uses and discards.

Working alongside healthcare professionals at OUS, the project has identified several measures to reduce plastic usage and contribute to a more circular approach to plastic use. These measures are compiled into an accessible package of initiatives.

Read the whole report here

English version – a review of the plastic usage within the hospital sector

As the country's largest hospital, we take pride in contributing to bringing attention to the use of plastics in healthcare. We hope this can elevate the discussion around the increasing use of plastics in the healthcare sector and make it easier to implement measures. We are actively working to reduce our environmental footprint, including diminishing our reliance on single-use plastics, all while maintaining patient safety and ensuring a safe working environment for our staff. Bjørn Atle Lein Bjørnbeth, Chief Executive Officer at Oslo University Hospital (OUS)

The project has been carried out in collaboration with Oslo University Hospital and funded by the Retailer’s Environmental Fund.

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