Pick-Analyses for “Cut Food Waste 2020”

Mepex conducts pick analyses of food waste from food service establishments participating in #cutfoodwaste2020. CutFoodWaste2020 is a joint project for the entire food service industry. The goal is for participating hotels, cafeterias, and restaurants to reduce their food waste by 20 percent by 2020.

Triple Gain

Preventing food waste has a positive impact on the industry, the environment, and society, contributing to a triple gain: increased profitability for the business, reduced climate impact, and better resource utilization for a growing population.

Research Project

Simultaneously, a detailed analysis of the composition of food waste will be conducted. Mepex is responsible for conducting these analyses, known as pluck analyses. The analyses are part of a research project led by Matvett and Østfoldforskning, partially funded by the Research Council of Norway’s Bioeconomy Program. The initial analyses were conducted in spring 2017 and will be repeated in spring 2019 to assess whether measures implemented during this period contribute to reducing food waste.

These analyses are in addition to the mapping that the food service establishments themselves will conduct through CutFoodWaste2020.

Based on the results of the pluck analyses, Mepex has developed proposals for measures to reduce food waste at the various dining establishments.