Strategizing waste with BI Oslo

BI Oslo desired an examination of waste management at their campus and engaged Mepex for the task. Collaborating with 30 committed staff and stakeholders, Mepex has developed a waste management strategy for BI Oslo.

Mepex analyzed food waste, conducted a residual waste analysis, performed a site visit at the campus and receiving area, and reviewed and analyzed reported waste quantities along with associated finances.

BI Oslo has chosen to reupholster the chairs in two auditoriums in order to extend the lifespan of the furniture.
Period: 2017 Team:
Elise Narum Amland, Sveinung Bjørnerud, Frode Syversen, Kathrine Kirkevaag
Main contact: Elise Narum Amland

Contribution from students

Based on the waste management review and waste analyses, a waste management strategy with an accompanying action plan has been developed for BI Oslo.

The plan was formulated through a process that involved selected staff, representatives from the student organization, and from Gastro, BI’s cafeteria provider, and Starbucks. Facilitating this process has been an exciting task for Mepex. With engaged and determined participants and project owners, BI Oslo has acquired an ambitious and future-oriented waste management strategy, meeting the increased requirements for material recycling and contributing to the circular economy as set by EU and Norwegian waste policies.

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