Avfallsstrategi for BI Oslo

BI Oslo ønsket en gjennomgang av avfallshåndteringen ved Campusen, og engasjerte Mepex til å…

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Concept and feasibility study for carbon capture and storage for Klemetsrudanlegget

In 2017, the Klemetsrudanlegget AS conducted a conceptual study for the construction and…

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Design for recycling

Green Dot Norway has been working together with several of Norway’s largest manufacturers and…

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With almost 30 years of experience from this field, one where technology and 'best practices' are rapidly evolving, we have aquited a unique, up-to-date knowledge base. Combined with a solid international network and good digital tools, we ensure our customers resource-efficient solutions that enable them to reach their environmental goals.

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Dypdykk i plasthavet

På årets første SAM-samling (samarbeidsarenaen for aktører som arbeider mot marin forsøpling) presenterte Mepex prosjektet om kartleggingen…

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A lot of plastic

– Based on numbers, 94 % of the marine litter collected and analysed was made of plastic. Surprisingly small amounts of this is plastic…

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Kartlegger avfall fra strandrydding

Mepex har fått støtte fra Miljødirektoratet til å kartlegge avfall fra strandrydding. Prosjektet er et samarbeidsprosjekt med Hold Norge…

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