In Motala, Sweden, FTI (Förpaknings-og Tidnings Insamlingen AS) will now build Europe’s most modern sorting plant for plastic packaging. FTI will build a waste sorting plant that can handle all plastic packaging within its own borders. Previously, they’ve exported most of the plastic abroad

In the first phase of construction, they build a plant for sorting. Phase 2 comprises a polyolefin washing plant (PE and PP), as well as an extruder, that is, a plant that melts the plastic to regranulat. This regranulate can be reused in other plastic products.

Prosjekt: Prosjektlederfor prosessanlegget isorteringsanlegget for plastemballasje i Motala, Sverige
Konsulenter: Kjell Ø. Fredriksen, Oda Watnebryn og Thomas Chr. Juel
Gjennomføring: 2015–

Project manager for the process plant

Mepex is project manager for the process plant.

– The Swedes have chosen a very interesting solution, says Kjell Fredriksen in Mepex. Especially considering that the capacity in Europe is now too small (China no longer accepts plastic from Europe) and because the EU adopts new and stricter requirements in terms of plastics recycling

The plant will have a capacity for receiving 115,000 tonnes of plastic packaging per year.

– This means that Sweden takes responsibility for all its plastic waste when the plant is ready. They now collect about 75 -80.000 tons a year. Which means they will have some extra capacity in the first few years, but with EU requirements for 50% recycling the plant will meet the needs of the Swedish people also in the future, says Fredriksen.

Mepex has the project management for the processing plant, which includes the design of the plant, tendering process and procurement in the European market, following up on the detail engineering and assembly.

Many assignments for Mepex

As well as being project manager for the process plant, Mepex will be the construction manager of the plant, responsible for the follow-up and guarantee tests after the construction period.