In 2017, the Klemetsrudanlegget AS conducted a conceptual study for the construction and operation of a CO2 capture plant on flue gas from waste incineration. Based on the result, the project is continued as a preliminary project (FEED). The background is GASSNOVA’s assignment for the Norwegian state to establish a whole-chain carbon capture and storage (CCS – Carbon Capture and Storage) project. The assignment is based on the feasibility study in 2016.

Oppdragsgiver: Klemetsrudanlegget AS/Fortum Oslo Varme AS
Gjennomføring: 2016–
Konsulent: Petter Thorbeck

As a result of the feasibility study, the Klemetsrudanlegg was chosen to continue the project in the concept and the preliminary projection phase (FEED). Mepex is part of the project management with technical manager in the carbon capture project. The assignment includes the coordination between the existing plant and new technology/plant as well as management of all internal and external interfaces.

Residual waste consists of a large proportion of organic waste. We are able to actually reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere by capturing 90% of CO2 emissions from the incineration.