Together with SALT and Per-Erik Schulze, Mepex has completed a project that will create the foundation for investigating the development of a producer responsibility scheme (PRS) for fisheries and aquaculture. The report is complete and has been sent to the Environment Agency

– The overall goal of this project was to create a basis for the develoment of a PRS for gear and equipment used in fisheries, rereational fishing, and aquaculture. A PRS will be a measure to develop a waste management system for this equipment and to reduce the environmental impact tied to marine litter, says Peter Sundt, project manager for developing the report, and partner at Mepex.

You can download the entire report here.

The context of this report are the challenges tied to marine litter and the fact that plastic equipment from fisheries and aquaculture makes up a significant share of this littering. Marine litter has severe environmental consequences. The littering, often tied to the loss of fishing gear, will impact the rate at which the industry requires new gear. the littering and loss of fishing gear has therefore been granted significant attention. Check out the new article on the Environmental Agency’s website.