This number is presented in the report that Mepex and Eunomia hav developed for the Norwegian Environment Agency. – Approximately 60 % is used in the production of plastic packaging products, explains Rebecca Briedis, project manager for Mepex.

A large part of the bio-based plastics can be found in Coca Cola’s PlantBottle™ that consists of up to 30 % bio-PET, a material based on ethanol produced from sugar cane. There is also a significant proportion of bio-based plastic, bio-PE, in caps and lids and as plastic coating inside drink cartons.

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– In terms of biodegradable plastics, they are commonly found in plastic bags used for the collection of organic waste. These bags are often a blend of fossil-based and bio-based material, explains Briedis.

Global production capacity
In terms of global production capacity, bio-based materials represent less than 1 % of the production capacity for conventional plastics. Roughly 40 % of the global production of bio-based plastics are also considered biodegradable.