Project Management for Site Zero

Swedish Plastic Recycling selected Mepex to oversee the project management for the world’s largest and most efficient plastic sorting facility in Motala, Sweden.

Sorting Line 1 was inaugurated in 2019, becoming Europe’s largest and most effective plant for sorting plastic packaging. In the subsequent phase of the project, Sorting Line 2 was established, along with an agglomeration facility and an upgrade to Line 1. This part of the project was completed in the autumn of 2023.

Utilizing 60 NIR sensors, the plastic is sorted into 12 different types, making Site Zero the world’s largest facility for sorting household plastic. The facility is designed to preserve the material’s value for as long as possible and avoid unnecessary downgrading (downcycling) of the plastic.

Period: 2016 – 2023 Team:
Thomas Chr. Juel, Ida Sole Semb, Kjell Fredriksen, Svein Espen Sørstad

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