Industrial Symbiosis in Hjørungavåg

Can waste from one company become a resource for another? Businesses located in the Risneset industrial area received NOK 850,000 in support from the Møre and Romsdal County Municipality’s “Skaparkraft” to explore how they can reuse resources and ultimately achieve zero emissions.

The project’s aim is to utilize resources within the industrial area as efficiently as possible, thereby reducing waste volumes and greenhouse gas emissions. 

In collaboration with the businesses, Mepex conducted a comprehensive assessment to identify the resources that companies possess, which can be integrated into the production or value chain of other businesses.

The material flow analyses conducted by Mepex were instrumental in developing a roadmap towards zero emissions for the Risneset industrial area. 

The project was a collaborative effort involving Spenncon AS, Pelagia Liavåg, Brekke & Kleppe Anlegg AS, Vekst i Hareid, Greenstat, ÅKP, and Sintef Manufacturing. 

Period: 2023 Team:
Kathrine Kirkevaag
Main contact: Kathrine Kirkevaag