We have chosen to divide our consultancy services in 5 different areas, each marked with a symbol. The range of different services is wide. Mepex' services are often based on knowledge and experience from several of the five disciplines.

Read more about our consulting in the following areas

Waste and Environmental Analysis
Waste Policies and - strategy

Source separation, collection and sorting

Recycling systems and materials

Energy recovery and biogas

Some key services we offer are:

  • Waste statistics
  • Waste sorting analyses
  • Environmental and climate calculations
  • Market analysis
  • Integrated waste management plans
  • Strategies and action plans
  • Development of extended producer responsibility schemes

  • Feasibility studies and pre-projects
  • Tendering processes and contracts
  • Project management
  • Technical audits
  • Quality systems
  • Maintenance and operating systems
  • Organising of plant visits and seminars

Waste management industry helps closing the loop

Previously, the value chain was a straight line from raw material to landfill. The waste industry was the last link in the chain of the former throw-away society. Now, the value chain has once again become a cycle, characterized by a cradle-to-cradle thinking. The waste industry is one of many players working together within this circular economy.

This cradle-to-cradle thinking is essential to increase resource efficiency in society and reduce our impact on climate and the environment. As a result of these changes, the waste management industry has been given a more important role in society. In this new role it, is crucial to cooperate and thus join the value chain.